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Master the JavaScript Interview + Coding Exercises + More

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طلب كورس


Master the JavaScript Interview + Coding Exercises + More

Get Ready for your JavaScript Interview. Learn the internals of the JavaScript language.

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101 students enrolled
Created by Guy Ziv
Last updated 7/2018
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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn the internals of the JavaScript language.
  • Get prepared for any JavaScript programming interview question you will have.

  • Master the JavaScript language broadly and deeply.

  • Start your JavaScript journey with basics questions every JavaScript developer should know.
  • Expand your JavaScript knowledge by solving advanced challenges.
  • Practice well known JavaScript questions types including Q&A.
  • Watch animations, images or any other media that will help you to understand hard concepts.
  • Become confident solving any JavaScript programming interview question you will have.
  • Learn advanced concepts that are not only related to JavaScript but can be very handy.
Curriculum For This Course
38 Lectures




Course Layout

1 Lecture04:53

Mixing a thread to the extreme

3 Lectures08:22

Closures Revisited

6 Lectures38:44

Stranger Things

4 Lectures13:16

Out of Context

5 Lectures22:43

The Stack of Infinity

10 Lectures23:27

Yanny Vs Laurel

4 Lectures13:10

Add Some Curry

4 Lectures13:12
  • Basics JavaScript knowledge (for example, if statement, while loops and etc..)
  • Be able to test and play with the JavaScript source code delivered in this course (Optional – Use Codepen for playing with every interview question).

This course is dedicated for anyone who wants to be well prepared for an upcoming JavaScript interview. The JavaScript programming language is one of the most challenging languages to understand deeply and master this language. Programming interviews can feel sometimes very hard as they are based heavily on the internals of the language. In this course we are going to practice broadly and mainly deeply on JavaScript concepts. We will go over both simple and advanced JavaScript interview questions, and we will also go over different types of JavaScript interview types. For each interview question, you will have to attempt to solve the problem by yourself, and then we will go through the best solutions and most important dive deeply into the concept appeared in the interview question to understand it completely.

After the completion of this course you will be able to understand deeply the JavaScript internals which will give you high confident to take more and more JavaScript interview questions. Moreover, you will gain understanding of the concepts, skills and techniques that are used in JavaScript (and other languages) – some of them are mandatory for any JavaScript developer and some of them can benefit you to solve harder questions simply and easily. Also this course will help you to strengthen your JavaScript knowledge and skills and become better JavaScript developer.

In the end of this lecture you will have a chance to extend the level of difficulty and take on harder JavaScript questions that will make you even better, and with time will help you to master the JavaScript programming language.

Who is the target audience?


  • Anyone who is looking for a job as a JavaScript programmer
  • Anyone who is looking for a job as a Web developer.
  • Anyone who wants to bootstrap his JavaScript programming knowledge.
  • Anyone who wants to understand the JavaScript programming language deeply and broadly.
  • Anyone who will be interviewing for a JavaScript programming or Web developer job.
  • Anyone who feels non confident with the JavaScript language.
  • Anyone who wants to expand his JavaScript skills and knowledge.


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