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Master Planning: Plan Your Day, Week, Month, Quarter & Year


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About this course

5-in-1 Course Bundle: Get the Ultimate System for Planning Your Week, Month, Quarter and Year in 60 Minutes Each.
By the numbers
  • Lectures: 91
  • Video: 12 hours
  • Skill level: All Levels
  • 2635 students
  • Languages: English
  • Captions

The Most Successful Personal Planning Course Series of All Time — Now All in One Course

5 Courses, covering every stage of the planning process (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly), now combined into one Massive Course. 

12+ Hours of high quality, 1080p video

The #1 planning system in the world.

What makes this planning system different?

1. It’s the only learning system built around LEARNING to become a better planner at every time scale through consistent feedback.

2. It’s build around the idea of measuring how you ACTUALLY spend your time each day so you can compare it with how you panned it.

3. The system is INTEGRATED at all the important time scales, and uses very similar documents at each level so it’s easy to remember how to implement the system at each level.

4. You’ll Learn a VISUAL system for seeing where your time is going at every level: Day, Week, Month, Quarter and Year.

5. Manage your time in terms of PROJECTS, not just tasks, so that you can avoid information overwhelm when you have hundreds of tasks.

6. Manage huge to do lists of 100s of items effortlessly with an ADVANCED TO DO LIST system that organizes and sorts tasks by time cost and urgency.

7. Integrate BUFFER TIME into your schedule so that going over your scheduled time doesn’t ruin your schedule for the rest of the day.

8. Track KPIs so that you can get consistent long term data on your most important projects and habits.

9. Get a STORY-VIEW perspective on your reviews at the Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly scales so that you can easily see how you progress from period to period.

10. Use COLOR CODING to get a better view of where your time is going in the Big 4 areas of your life: Professional, Personal, Relationships and Health.

11. Optimize your time IN THE FLOW each day by removing the constant stress and overwhelm that comes with under planning and over-allocation.

This course, and really, this system, has the potential to really transform how you organize your time.

Try it for 30 days and watch how it changes your experience of time.

See you inside the course,


What are the requirements?

  • Google Calendar
  • Greenshot (for easy screenshotting)

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Get full 24 hour metrics on where you spend your time each day of the week
  • Learn how to master your daily schedule
  • Enjoy the feeling of full engagement for 80+% of your day
  • Plan your days better so you are more efficient and spend more time in the flow
  • Plan buffer time so that one mistake doesn’t ruin your whole day or week of plans
  • Create a time budget so you know how much free time you really have each week
  • Plan out their entire month in just 60 minutes
  • See their progress month over month is the unique “story view” perspective offered with this planning system
  • Integrate their weekly and monthly planning in a seamless system

What is the target audience?

  • Professionals who want to increase their productivity
  • Entrepreneurs who want to get a better handle on where they are investing their valuable time
  • Students who want to study hard but still have time for everything else

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