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Microsoft Office 365 Web Apps


The Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of cloud-based applications by Microsoft. This suite of applications provides the users with Microsoft Office applications in a cloud-based environment. This course is an introductory course and covers the set of applications that Microsoft offers on its Microsoft Office 365 platform. The web applications include Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office 2016, Microsoft SharePoint, Skype for Business and Microsoft OneDrive.

The Microsoft Office 365 – Web Apps course provides an overview of the Microsoft Office 365 web applications. In addition to learning the basics of the web applications, the students will develop an understanding of how Microsoft Office 365 can provide a central location for accessing and modifying shared documents. The candidates will also learn to perform basic tasks such as opening, editing, printing, and saving documents without requiring an installation of the full desktop version of Microsoft Office 2016 on the local computer.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is intended for the candidates looking forward to gain experience of the Microsoft Office 365 platform.
  • The course provides an overview of the full set of web applications which are part of the Microsoft Office 365 platform.


  • The students willing to enroll in this course are required to have a basic understanding of Microsoft Windows and working experience of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook.

Last updated 11/2018


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