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Microsoft Word Intermediate


MODULE 1:  Managing Your Documents

Learning outcomes:  Working with Windows Explorer and Word’s file options to manage and control your word documents more effectively.

Topics covered:

  • Using Windows Explorer within Word
  • Saving Your Files
  • Finishing Your Files
  • Making Word Work Backwards
  • Viewing Your Files

MODULE 2:  Using Formatting Tools in Word

Learning outcomes:  Effectively using templates, bullet points and other formatting  tools to ensure both paragraphs and pages display correctly.

Topics covered:

  • Working with Templates
  • Using Bullets and Numbering
  • Using the Paragraph Dialog
  • Using Delineation Tools
  • Working with Pages
  • Adding Hyperlinks

MODULE 3:  Creating Headers and Footers

Learning outcomes:  Work with headers and footers to number and present pages in an organised and professional way.

Topics covered:

  • Creating Basic Headers and Footers
  • Using the Header & Footer Tools – Design Tab
  • Inserting Page Numbers
  • Doing More with Headers and Footers

MODULE 4:  Working with Pictures

Learning outcomes: Inserting, formatting and manage pictures and images in order to professionally illustrate your documents.

Topics covered:

  • Inserting Pictures
  • Editing Pictures
  • Doing More with Pictures
  • Formatting Pictures
  • Managing Pictures

MODULE 5:  Working with Shapes

Learning outcomes:  Drawing, adding, formatting and managing text and shapes to further enhance your document’s appearance.

Topics covered:

  • Drawing Shapes
  • Working with Shapes
  • Working with Text and Shapes
  • Advanced Shape Tasks

MODULE 6:  Performing a Mail Merge in Word

Learning outcomes:  Setting up and performing mail-merge to accurately and  professionally produce letters and labels for many recipients quickly  and easily.

Topics covered:

  • Using the Mail Merge Wizard
  • Performing a Manual Mail Merge
  • Sending a Document Electronically

Who this course is for:

  • Users with a basic understanding of Microsoft Office Word 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016 who want to consolidate and expand on their knowledge of the basic features in a short space of time.


  • Delegates should have a good working knowledge and understanding of the concepts covered in the Introduction course.

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