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Mission Battery Shell for Amazon Echo 2nd Generation (Make your Echo Portable) (Black) Unboxing

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Written by xy889

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SLEEK DESIGN: The battery is integrated into the outer shell of the Echo so there are no bulky attachments. Compatible with both the fabric and hard shell versions of Echo 2.

EASY TO USE: Just replace the removable outer decorative shell from your Echo and slide the Battery Shell into its place. No tools are necessary.

EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE: The integrated battery lasts for over 8 hours.

MAXIMUM PROTECTION: The hard shell material and soft silicone pad makes your Echo rugged and ready for use anywhere around your home.


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The Mission Battery Shell includes Real-Shield and Vex technology to provide the most robust solution to make your Echo portable. You can be assured that no matter where you take your Echo, it will be protected.

The Mission Battery Shell includes an advanced power management system that manages the charging of the integrated rechargeable battery and provides the ultimate portable audio experience.

The Mission Battery Shell is compatible with the 2017 and later version of Amazon Echo. It is not compatible with the original Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Plus.

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