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Most Advanced Level Ethical Hacking Using Kali Linux

Written by sRT*

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Most Advanced Level Ethical Hacking Using Kali Linux


Complete Kali Linux Course – Covered Most Powerful Ethical Hacking Tools To Hack Into The IT System And Secure Them.

This Kali Linux based ethical hacking course covers beginners to advance level ethical hacking topics.This course will give you a perfect skills to work with production environment. Complete network based ethical hacking skills covered. This course will give you a skills to harden security of  IT systems so no one can hack your organization.

This course mainly covers penetration testing frameworks like footprinting target , information gathering ,  network scanning , enumerating target, vulnerability mapping, social engineering, target exploitation, privilege escalation, maintaining access .

This course designed to give real world penetration testing skills. If you are a new in the field of ethical hacking or penetration testing this course will boost your ethical hacking skills and grow your career in IT field.

This course will also give you some basic skills to implement servers and network systems into your organization. Before performing any attack using Kali Linux we teach to configure server first like web server , dns server , iis server , dhcp server so students can build own lab at home to practice this course and can perform safe attack over the systems.

This course covers complete network offensive topics but in safe manner. Penetration tester take permission first before performing any network offensive attack over the system. Penetration tester perform network offensive attack over the systems to gather weakness of it.

Penetration tester perform attack same like hacker but difference is that penetration tester attack on own system to find vulnerabilities and secure them and hacker attack over the target to steal information or down the entire IT system.

This course is encourage you to work as ethical hacker or penetration tester to secure your organization.

Features of this course:-

  • Course will start with lab setup (course will go as zero to hero)
  • We covered basic commands first to work with Linux environment
  • Step by step practicals covered
  • No more theory , try to covered topics with to the point discussion
  • Practical based course
  • Get full support with the course
  • Job oriented topics covered

This course is designed for educational purpose only. We are not motivated to you to launch attacks on internet to damage other. We are giving you a tricks that how attackers attack on our network and how we can defend it by attacking on our own computer networks and devices. We are using our own computer network to perform Ethical hacking that we have full permission to launch attack.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn kali linux
  • Anyone who wants to learn ethical hacking basic to advance level using kali linux OS
  • Every IT professionals
  • Computer Scientist
  • Network Engineer
  • System Engineer
  • Firewall Administrator
  • Datacenter Specialist
  • IT Security Practitioner
  • IT Trainers


  • Computer Network Knowledge Recommended
  • Basic IT Management Knowledge Recommended
  • Basic Computer Lan knowledge Recommended

Last updated 3/2019


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