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Tracker‘s Name: HDtime
Genre: General
Sign-up Link:
Closing date: DO NOT KNOW
Review’s Link: HDtime | HDT | HD | 2017 Review
Additional information: HDtime is a Chinese HD private tracker for all HD content in various formats like BluRay full sources, 1080p and 720p encodes.HDtime is more active especially their internal encodes that now have good number of peers so you can have good speeds while downloading and keep good ratio also they have good pre-times now. Content and members database is not that big like other Chinese trackers. They have some internal teams like HDTime for BluRay disks ,HDT for 1080p and 720p encodes and PADTime for mHD encodes. They allow other encodes either Scene or P2P from other Chinese and non Chinese trackers. No hit and run system applied only you have to keep good general ratio which is easy job thanks to big number fo free to leech torrents and good bonus points system. HDtime is a good and growing Chinese tracker that you can be invited to easily when they enable invites or you can join when they open free sign up.

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