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Tracker‘s Name: M-Team ( preregistered )
Genre: General
Sign-up Link:
Closing Time: 2018-04-02 00:10
Review’s Link: M-Team TP | M-Team | 2017 Review
Additional information: M-Team is a HD Chinese tracker for Movies, TV Shows, Music, and Adult videos in various resolutions (1080p, 720p, 480p,..etc) and video formats(.mkv, .mp4, .m2ts..etc). They are most famous for usually being the first to upload the latest blu-ray rips. This seems to be one of the main things that attracts a lot of members. Many HD encoding groups use M-Team’s Blu-ray rips as the source for their encodes. Most of the internal groups of CHDBits joined M-team after CHDB closed. M-team has a very good Adult section with lots of torrents uploaded. It’s very easy to gain a huge buffer by downloading big porn packs as there are lots of leechers on them. M-Team was strictly a porn tracker before the ex CHDbits uploaders joined and started uploading movies, TV, Music and now they have become one of the best. They have internal groups who upload untouched HD JAV WEB-DL‘s which cannot be found elsewhere. The internal release groups of M-team are MTeam, MTeamPAD, MTeam3D, MTeamTV, KiSHD, BMDru, OneHD, CNHK, StBOX,R2HD. Every new user who joins through invitations has to pass the test. (Upload > 20 GB, Download > 15 GB, Bonus Points > 4500 ) New user accounts without any upload / download will be automatically pruned by system after 5 days. During the test period minimum ratio requirements still apply. You’ll see a notification window that display requirement and the deadline You have to keep your points until the end of the 30th day, or you will be banned by the system automatically. If your ratio is too low, you will be demoted to peasant user class and you have 7 days to improve your ratio. If you don’t reach higher user class, your account will be banned by the system automatically. Ratio requirements only kick in once your download amount is more that 10GB. Once your download amount reach 10 GB, you have to pay attention to your ratio. During the first 30 days, your ratio cannot be lower than 0.3. Otherwise, your account will be disabled immediately by the system. All the requirements must be met in order to pass it. “Insane User” class will not be deleted by system if you park your account. “Extreme User” class will permanently keep their account provided they don’t break any of the golden rules. Your account will be deleted if

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