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Open: RevTT | General

Written by xy889

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Tracker‘s Name: RevolutionTT | General | General
Genre: General
Sign-up Link:
Closing date: Soon!
Review’s Link: RevolutionTT | RTT | General | 2018 Review
Additional information: RevoultionTT is a general/0day tracker, based in the UK and Started in 2006.

– The Tracker Focuses on scene realeses as it is well known for it’s fast Pre-times , Speed is also great but nothing surprising.

– Seeding can be hard sometimes especially if you don’t have a seedbox and maintaining ratio isn’t so easy

– There is no bonus system to help you with you ratio but, if you are lucky enough you might get an Ice Cube
which freezes the download count.

– Overall if you are looking for a tracker with really fast Pre-times then i think this the place for you ,
but if you are just looking for a general tracker and pre-times isn’t something you consider then i think there are alternatives that are easier to get.

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