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Open: WorldOfP2P | General

Written by xy889

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Tracker‘s Name: WorldOfP2P
Genre: General
Sign-up Link:
Closing date: soon!
Review’s Link: | WOP | General | 2017 Review
Additional information: WOP is focused on providing an all platform. We focused quality and quantity.

*** We also encourage our members to upload their own quality encodes. ***

More Detais About The WOP
Bonus system in place to help those on slow connections. It rewards based on the number of torrents you are seeding, and you can earn upload credits and more..
Minimum seedtime of 3 days or 1:1 ratio, so committed and long term seeders only please. *We expect members to seed back to a share index of 1.00 and above on all torrents.
Everyone can upload torrents.
You can show – close your seed and leech
Torrents row activity options.

Site URL:
IRC Server:
IRC SSL Port: 6697
IRC Help Channel: #help

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