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Tracker‘s Name: Wrestling Desires Torrents | WDT
Genre: Sports
Sign-up Link:
Review’s Link: Wrestling Desires Torrents | WDT | 2017 Review
Additional information: Noted for its friendly and helpful staff, this tracker also offers extremely popular internal releases including hard to find Indy shows. The site has been closed for signups for quite a while, and there has also been a mass prune of inactive accounts, so if you had an account before but haven’t been on in a while it’s best to check if you still have an account [the staff have said any who were pruned will be welcomed back]

They have also implemented new seed rules of 12 hours or 1:1 and Power User and VIP may upload if they wish

If you say hi in shout and let them know you are new you will receive an extra 5 gb upload and 500 bonus points!

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