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This comprehensive course covers Newton’s Laws of Motion.   The course combines lectures that summarize the important concepts and tutorials that will guide you and help you develop a problem solving strategy.  You’ll learn how to apply Newton’s laws to study particles in equilibrium and the dynamics of particles when forces are acting on them.

Topics include in this class are:

1) Vector Review

  • Review vector addition and subtraction, graphical methods, component form.

2) Newton’s Laws of Motion

  • Covers Newton’s 3 laws of motion and examples presented for each.

3) Forces Review Including Contact Forces, Gravity, Normal, Friction Forces, Tension, and Spring Forces

  • Here we examine all the different types of forces one-by-one.
  • Example problems are presented for each type of force.

4) Applying Newton’s Laws to Solve Problems

  • Here we start combining several of the forces in previous section and start solving more complex problems

5) Dynamics of Circular Motion

  • Centripetal Forces and centripetal acceleration
  • Examples include the swinging mass, the conical pendulum, car around a cloverleaf, car around a banked curve.

There are over 60 fully solved problems ranging in difficulty.   I’ve mixed in many conceptual problems as well as algebraic problems to help you practice applying Newton’s laws to solve problems.

If at any point you don’t understand something in my videos please feel free to reach out.  I’m always willing to help someone learn.  Physics Ninja always has your back!

Happy Learning

Dr. E., Physics Ninja and Expert Physics and Math Teacher.

Who is the target audience?

  • AP Physics students and First Year undergraduate physics students
  • Anyone who wants to learn basic physics


  • Basic algebra and some calculus (very little).


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