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ReleaseDate“: “2014-07-01T00:00:00Z”,
UpdatedDate“: “2014-07-01T00:00:00Z”,
Level“: “Intermediate”,

ShortDescription“: “In this series of tutorials, we’ll be learning how to master the Graph Editor. Software required: AFter Effects CC”,

Description“: “In this series of tutorials, we’ll be learning how to master the Graph Editor. The Graph Editor can be a tricky tool to use in After Effects but it’s very powerful and once you understand how it works, it will transform the way you animate. We’ll go through the process of learning the interface and how to navigate the Graph Editor panel. We’ll then begin learning how to edit keyframe values from within the graph, learn the difference between the Speed and Value graphs as well as how they are connected. We then dive into the difference between temporal and spatial interpolation, and how that concept is intertwined with the Graph Editor functionality. After that, we’ll take a few lessons to smooth out a few different types of animations using the graph editor, with increasing difficulty as the examples progress. This tutorial will give you firsthand knowledge of how to use the graph editor, as well as a deep understanding of how it works. Once you understand the inner-workings of the graph editor, you’ll be ready to take on fine-tuning even the toughest animations. If you’re serious about becoming a great motion graphics designer, then this training is for you. Software required: AFter Effects CC”,

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AuthorsFullnames“: “Laura Hawk”,

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