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ShortDescription“: “Python is very simple, yet incredibly powerful programming language. You can use it for writing web and desktop apps, scripts, and more. This course teaches you the basics of Python syntax, functions, creating console and web apps, and distribution.”,

Description“: “Rarely will you find a language as powerful and as versatile as Python. You can choose this language to write web apps, cross-platform desktop apps, Artificial Intelligence software, scripts, do scientific computation, and even create home automation software! For all that you need a good knowledge of Python. In this course, Python: Getting Started, you’ll learn the basics of Python. First, you’ll discover syntax, functions, and classes. Next, you’ll explore how to create a console application and how to convert that same app into a web app. Finally, you’ll learn how to create executable files and an installation wizard from your Python app. When you are finished with this course, you’ll have a solid foundation to venture out and build your own apps using Python.”,

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