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Previous life horoscope- The step-by-step course

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طلب كورس

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طلب كورس

Previous life horoscope- The step-by-step course


The Previous Life can be found in each individual’s horoscope, containing data on the karmic built-up and debt, from a past existence. This information regarding both a previous life as well as the current destiny, is offered by the position of the plants and the karmic elements in the zodiac and houses, as well as by other calculations.

Karma represents what individuals have gathered from their previous lives, how they acted and how they took on the lessons they have dealt with and the start base in building a new life-plan they should take on.  In a natal horoscope, the karmic duties are given by Saturn’s position, indicating a major spiritual mistake which would lead to repeating an existential lesson until it is undertook, in the South Node, which represents a position in the nativity concentrating all previous and Lilith’s karmic duties, bringing about a karmic duty from a previous life, when the individual has not accepted their condition.

Destiny has to do with current life and focuses on the individual evolution that has abide by the vocation undertook at birth. Throughout life, the individual must solve thee karmic duties brought on from their previous life and also carry on the current life plan.

In a natal horoscope, Vocation is given by Neptune’s and the North Node’s positions within the zodiac and houses.

Apart from these planets and karmic elements, which are paramount in determining karma and destiny, the rest of them are important for an individual’s life.

Consequently, the Sun and the Moon offer information on personality and feelings.

Mercury, Venus and Mars indicate how the physical, psychical and emotional skills were used in a previous life and how the individual will now benefit from the acquired qualities and flaws.

Jupiter’s position offers an insight on the missed changes the individual experienced in a previous life and where they could now benefit from luck and divine intervention; Uranus’ position shows the unforeseeable and mandatory events of a previous life and how the mental and spiritual expansions will take place, and Pluto’s position shows which were and will be the major life changes.

We will now tackle the significance of planets and karmic elements for the zodiac constellations and houses in order to determine the karmic dimension and mapping the individual’s directions of evolution of this life.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in Astrology.
  • Anyone who wants to know himself better, and to know the previous life.
  • Anyone who wants a better understanding of the Universe and Events in general.


  • You need a computer and internet connection.
  • You do not need to understand astrology to learn this course.

Last updated 10/2017


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