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Create Amazing WordPress Themes from Scratch / 4 Complete Projects Included / 26 PSD Files / Advanced Topics Covered

Created by Juan Pablo De la torre Valdez
Last updated 7/2017
What Will I Learn?
  • Create a WordPress Theme with Twitter Bootstrap
  • Create 4 Different WordPress Themes
  • Convert 26 PSD files into WordPress Templates
  • Learn how to transform any PSD file into a WordPress Theme
  • Learn Good Practices in WordPress Theme Development
  • Learn some advanced Features like Custom fields and Custom Post Types
  • Understand WordPress Theme Development
  • Create Mobile First WordPress Themes
  • Learn how to Write Secure WordPress Code
  • Learn how to create Options Pages in WordPress
  • A Code Editor (There´s a video where i’m gonna show 4 different free editors)
  • A Local Server (I´m gonna be using MAMP but LOCAL, WAMP or BITNAMI are free and work great!! )
  • 26 PSD Files already Included (if you don’t have Photoshop don’t worry i’ll be including all the files)
  • Images for this course already included + Content and Other materials to develop Amazing WordPress Themes


I added 90 new videos ( a new complete theme ) that makes this course perfect for the 2017 year in WordPress Theme Development.

We’re building a Complete Restaurant Theme, some of the features of this theme are:

  • Mobile First with a Custom Grid
  • Reservation Module as part of the Theme
  • Includes Custom Post Types and Advanced Custom Fields

Plus many more.. checkout the First Theme Video for free 


17 New Videos, PHP Basics ? if you want to learn WordPress then you should know at least the basics of PHP, and in this course you will find 17 videos that will teach you PHP the right way!


35 new Videos had been added to this course where you will learn how to develop a WordPress Theme using Twitter Bootstrap




Start creating your own CUSTOM WordPress Themes from scratch with this 100% practical course.

We will build 4 projects, adding more functionality and complexity:

  • A Restaurant WebSite: Includes Advanced Custom Fields, Custom Post Types, Mobile First CSS, advanced jQuery integration with some practical examples, how to write secure themes in WordPress
  • A City Blog Website: You will Learn the basics of WordPress Theme Development in this project.
  • A Travel Agency Website: In this project you will learn how to use WordPress starter themes, Advanced Custom Fields, Widgets API and Custom Post Types.
  • A Blog: In this project you will learn how to integrate Twitter Bootstrap to create amazing responsive WordPress themes.

WordPress powers 25% of the websites in the world, knowing WordPress Theme Development is a key skill this days, you will be able to develop your own themes by the end of this course.

25 Hours of content full of tips, tricks and techniques for WordPress theme development in one course (The same techniques that i use in my , Plus:

  • 3 Complete Projects will be developed
  • 26 PSD files to Convert into WordPress templates included
  • Understand what are Custom Post Types, Custom Fields and how to use the Widgets API
  • You can ask me anything about WordPress Theme Development using the Udemy Panel
Who is the target audience?
  • Don’t be afraid to code, i will guide you and help you in all the process ?
  • if you have basic HTML & CSS experience and you want to create dynamic sites, this course is for you!
  • Previous WordPress Theme Development experience isn´t required, i assume this is your first WordPress Theme
  • If you´re trying to Learn Custom Post Types, Custom Fields, Widgets API, create a REAL WORLD PROJECT this course is for YOU!
  • If you wan to create mobile first, CSS3 Compatible WordPress Theme this course is for you
  • If you learn best by building real world projects this course is for you, we’re building 4 COMPLETE PROJECTS!

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