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Programming in JAVA


A step by step Java Tutorial which covers right from the basics of programming to in depth. Also includes JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) which enables you to build Java applications that interact with Database and a MINI PROJECT that explains how the components are layered in a typical Software Project. A perfect course for the one who is looking to seriously learn Java.

Mastering Java depends on your dedication and hard work, this comprehensive Java Tutorial will help you master the topics through 150+ video and notes lectures.

It is imperative that if you are looking to be a Java professional, you must possess good clarity in programming fundamentals, and applying the object oriented programming (OOP) features in your code. This can be achieved provided that you know answers to few questions such as what the feature is all about? when to apply? how to apply? once you know this you become a Java expert. The fundamental focus point of this course is to explain you, what the feature is, using a simple and easy to understand example and also help you understand how you can apply it in real world software development, it moves a step ahead to also introduce you to the Java programming API and show you how the learnt feature is applied with in the API itself.

Designing reusable and flexible code is an art, this course will give you the insights about how you can do it yourself and also assists you in utilising the collections effectively, which is a trade mark of a Java expert.

The above points form the core content of this course, you will learn complex features with simplified examples.

Course Contents  –

  • Programming Basics
  • Arrays
  • Object Oriented Programming(OOP) features
    • Classes & Objects
    • Initializers and Constructors
    • Overloading
    • Inheritance and Overriding
    • Abstract classes
    • Static binding vs Dynamic Binding
    • Code Generalization using Inheritance
    • Interfaces
    • Developing Loosely coupled code through Interfaces
    • Pluggable code through Interfaces
  • Template method design pattern
  • Factory method design pattern
  • Strings
  • ExceptionHandling
  • Packages
  • IO Streams
  • Generics and Collections
  • JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)
  • PROJECT – A mini console app based project using Java components and JDBC with the intent to explain how components should be layered.
  • Java 8 : Lambdas

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for the one who are looking to become a Java Developer or some one who is looking to develop automation scripts using Java.
  • Also for the one who is looking to learn Object Oriented Programming features along with their application.
  • Also for the one who are looking to brush up their Core Java (JavaSE) skills or some one who is looking to apply Java skills in a Software Project.
  • It is NOT for those who are already good at Java.


  • Any other programming language knowledge is nice to have, but not mandatory. This course includes the programming fundamentals as well.
  • Learning programming language requires slightly more dedication and hard work, teacher can only assist.

Last updated 3/2019


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