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Development, Excel, Python

Python & Excel: Easily migrate spreadsheets to a database

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Written by Curss Curss

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I’m still adding content. For the next sections I really would like your helpso that I can help you out with problems regarding the topic of this course. Please spam me with messages about this. First I’ll add a video about re-structuring the code of section 3, so that it will be re-usable. The next section I’ll add is a quick Python refresher. Including some build-in functions (like enumerate(), all(), any()), lists and dictionaries, for-loops, function, classes, etc.

  • The first section of this course is a basic introduction to
    openpyxl: the ideas behind reading and writing data from and to Excel.
  • In the second section we will see how to read from multiple Excel
    documents and save them to a database. The database could be any relational database, but for this section we will use SQLite, as it’s fast to setup and easy to use.
  • The third section is a more advanced case, where we will learn how to deal with a more ‘messy’ Excel document and with a more complex database structure using a foreign key.
  • For the next sections, I like to hear from you what you would like! ? At the moment I’m first thinking of some other kind of databases, like MySQL and PostgreSQL. But let me know

Who is the target audience?

  • Those who want to parse or create Excel documents with Python
  • Those who need to migrate their Excel documents to a database


  • You should know the basics of Python
  • You should know what a Excel document is
  • You should know the concept of a database


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