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R Shiny Interactive Web Apps – Next Level Data Visualization

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طلب كورس

Written by sRT*

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طلب كورس

R Shiny Interactive Web Apps - Next Level Data Visualization


R shiny allows you to present your data interactively – that means your app users can:

  • Set filters and columns in tables
  • Generate parameters for plots
  • Zoom and focus on specific areas of plots
  • Focus on selected portions of your data
  • Provide or upload files, text and all sorts of data
  • And much more

App users can do all of this without any R knowledge. You do the coding, your users get the info they are looking for!

In this course I will show you step by step how to master R Shiny. We will start out with the general shiny script – all scripts should have the same basic structure.

You will then learn how to make your app interactive by using input widgets. These features take user inputs which can be used to generate or modify the app content.

You will learn how to style your app for an appealing layout.

I will also show you how to use HTML tags to integrate or embed standard web content like youtube videos, pdfs, text, pictures and much more.

After that you will learn about advanced shiny apps that allow zooming and downloading

And you will learn how to integrate tables.

This course is not just pure theory. The last section is all about applying your new shiny skills. I prepared a course project which combines all the topics discussed in the course and more. This project is modeled after a real world financial app. You will get the project description and the raw data to test your skills.

Note that this course requires basic R skills. If you are totally new to R, check out some R intro material first and then revisit the course.

All the software downloads, add on packages as well as entry level hosting for shiny are totally free. I will show you what you need and where to get it. That includes hosting as well.

Take a look at shiny – your boss, colleagues, students, customers will be astonished what modern day data visualization can do.

Who this course is for:

  • Business analysts
  • Data scientists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Students looking for modern data visualizations tools
  • Everybody interested in data science and visualization


  • Basic R knowledge
  • General R data visualization skills (ggplot2, R base)
  • Computer with R and RStudio already installed

Last updated 7/2017


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