The Science Of Color With Kate Woodman | RGG EDU | 3.7 GB

As photographers, we learn to craft and manipulate light. In its simplest form, color is just another way of seeing light. By taking a scientific approach to color and analyzing the theory behind it and how it affects us, we can take control of color the way we do with light.

We can use color to create a better story utilizing emotional cues, enhance our storytelling for the viewer, and invoke emotion to manipulate our audience to feeling a certain way. An essential course for portrait photographers.

In this tutorial Kate Woodman breaks down the science of color to it’s simplest form: light. Kate introduces the basic properties of color like hue, saturation, and luminosity. She then dives into color theory discussing color balance, color harmonies, spacial relationships, and how colors interact in imagery and in the real world. After a in-depth lesson on color and the science behind it, you will see Kate photograph on location and in-studio, objectively planning and utilizing color to create specific emotions in her images. You will then see Kate take her images to post production as a final step in controlling and manipulating color effectively. By the end of the tutorial you will see and understand color like never before. As soon as you start noticing color in photography and in the world, you can take your work to the next level.

General Overview
– 25 Video Sections
– Instant Digital Download
– English Closed Captions Included On Every Video
– HD 1080p Quality
– Universal MP4 for PC, MAC, & Airplay
– Includes Studio Photo Shoots
– Includes On-Location Photo Shoots
– Intro To Color Theory
– Learn The Basic Properties of Color
– Learn The Emotional Connection With Color
– Learn To Understand Hue
– Learn Too Utilize Saturation
– Learn Color Balance
– Learn Color Harmonies
– Learn Spatial Relationships
– Access To Private Facebook Group
– Learn To Use Color In Styling
– Learn To Select Models To Compliment Your Story
– Learn Why & When To Select Colors
– Learn How Colors Interact
– Learn To Add Color Into Your Narrative
– Learn Color Theory In Post-Production
– Learn To Objectively Control Color
– Learn To Take Colors To The Next Level
– Learn Color Correction
– Learn The Color Wheel In A New Way
– Financing Available For US Residents



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