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This course will teach you how to find your first clients as a freelancer/entrepreneur. It will also teach you how to then use these clients to find better quality clients so that, over time, you can plan to be working with your ideal client(s) in the long run. In other words, this is your complete guide to sales and marketing as a freelancer. Your first clients will help you earn money. Your next clients can help you earn a living. But you still don’t want to be earning a living if it is with clients who don’t pay you enough/take advantage of you/etc. The good thing about having clients is that you can leverage them to get better quality clients. This is what good sales and marketing is about.

This is for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

While employees in a company may find many useful tips here, this course is geared toward people working for themselves. So all you freelancers and entrepreneurs out there. Whether you are just starting out (selling to your first clients) or have been in the game for a while (but wish to raise the standard of client you deal with), then this sales and marketing course will have useful material for you.


See what other students have had to say:

“This course is helpful for people wanting to start on becoming freelancers and self-employed individuals. This course is also helpful for freelancers that are having difficulties on getting clients.”  – John Adriel Benolirao

“Very thorough and very knowledgable” – Melania Rossi


This is not purely Academic!

This means that you should not be taking this course from start to finish before starting out, but rather you should be applying the sales and marketing methodology and lessons as soon as you learn them. One of the biggest mistakes freelancers make is to delay getting started because they don’t feel ready yet. So I designed this course to help you get started right away. So hopefully, by the time you reach the end of the course, you will already be making sales as a freelancer.

This Sales and Marketing course is for All Freelancers!

Whether you are a programmer, a freelancer writer, a photographer, a freelance teacher or even a freelance lawyer (yes, they exist), then this course is for you. My background is as a freelance translator, but I gear this information for all freelancers.

This is also NOT platform specific. So this isn’t only for Upwork or any other specific platform. Although the concepts can certainly be used on these platforms.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is meant for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs. While company employees can certainly find useful information here, they will not be the target.


  • This course applies to all Freelancers/entrepreneurs, and is not specific to any platform or profession.


Sales and Marketing for Beginners Freelancer   (download)
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