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Sales Forecasting


Sales forecasting is crucial for almost any business, because it affects sales deployment, financial planning, budgeting, operations planning, and marketing planning. Since sales forecasts have far-reaching impact, it’s critical that the forecast information is as accurate as possible. In this course, sales and marketing professor Drew Boyd shares a step-by-step process for creating and managing effective sales forecasts. He takes you through how to define your market category, create the right processes, select the right forecasting technique, and collect data. In addition, he reveals how to use both qualitative and quantitative forecasting methods.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the sales forecasting process
  • Defining your market category
  • Understanding market dynamics
  • Selecting a forecasting technique
  • Using quantitative forecasting
  • Understand moving averages
  • Using qualitative forecasting
  • Using estimates from customers, sales reps, and distributors
  • Using a panel of experts



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