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Slide Guitar looks easy, but unless you understand some basic concepts, it can be a challenge to play.  The Slide Guitar Essentials Course is designed to get you up & running with slide guitar as fast as possible.Part 1 of the course covers how to set-up your guitar up to get the best results. We will also cover topics such as the different materials you can choose from while selecting a slide, which finger to wear the slide on. Part 2 of this course is a series of techniques that you will learn that covers the basics. These techniques are designed to improve you overall slide technique. Let’s face it, if the slide is making a lot of unwanted noise, whatever your playing won’t sound it’s best. A few simple tricks will help you sound like a pro in no time at all.In Part 3 of the course you’ll learn some basic slide licks that you be able to use while playing along with the jam track.

In this course you will learn:

  • Guitar Set-Up! We’ll cover String Gauge, String Height and types of Guitars.
  • How to Choose a Slide based on your Style.
  • How to Choose which Finger to Use.
  • Left Hand Damping
  • Right Hand Muting
  • Slide Licks
  • Slide Techniques
  • Slide Tunings

The Slide Guitar Essentials Course includes HD videos featuring both Right and Left Hand camera angles for easy learning.

In addition, you will also receive additional resources like: MP3 Backing Tracks and Printable PDF TAB sheets.

Play A-Long with the downloadable Backing Track (at Slow, Medium & Fast tempos).

As a student, you will have lifelong access, so you can learn at your own pace.

You have a totally unconditional money back guarantee. Study the Slide Guitar Essentials course. If you are in any way unhappy, you will get a full 100%, absolutely no conditions attached, no questions asked, refund direct from Udemy.

Don’t wait. Click the “Take This Course” Button and get started Today!

Who is the target audience?

  • Guitarists of any level that want to learn slide technique
  • Not for students expecting to learn specific songs.
  • Any Guitarist that wants to add new Elements, Concepts & Techniqes to thier Playing.


  • You will need a guitar
  • You will need a slide
  • Computer/ Tablet/ Internet Connection
  • You will need time to practice the material.
  • An open mind and a willingness to learn.

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