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SolidWorks 2019: Automobile System Design, Deep learning A-Z

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طلب كورس

Written by sRT*

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طلب كورس

SolidWorks 2019 Automobile System Design, Deep learning A-Z


In this Course, You will learn some Hard Automobile systems as the Differential GearBox, the Clutch System, the Wheel, the Brake Disc, the Double Wishbone Suspension System and others , And all these Assemblies will be built piece by piece & mate by mate, And that’s exactly the benefit of this course.

First we will create all the parts by sketching in the easiest way, & we will create together some extraodinary forms.

The only requirement for this course is a basic knowledge of SolidWorks, so it is a beginner and advanced course in the same time.

After creating all the parts, we will start the big assemblies & we will focus on each mate in details to understand how hard assemblies can be very easy.

Don’t hesitate & Join us on this Deep Solidworks Course.

& See you soon.

Who this course is for:

  • Mechanical Engineers.
  • Designers, Engineers and Hobbyist.
  • Industrial Applicants.
  • Individuals intending to learn Automobile Systems.
  • Individuals wanting to get a job in a Car Company via SolidWorks Skills.


  • The Desire to be a Professional Automobile Designer.

Last updated 5/2019


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