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[Special Offer] Alex Saenz - Wholesaling Mastery

Alex Saenz – Wholesaling Mastery | 1.5 GB

Class Curriculum

Section 1 – Wholesaling Real Estate 101

How & Why It Works (14:18)
The Big Picture (PURPOSE) (11:27)
Why Mindset/Commitment Is EVERYTHING! (5:26)
Local Wholesaling Vs Virtual Wholesaling (5:01)
The DO-NOTS Of Wholesaling (4:18)

Section 2 – Lead Lists And Marketing Channels

Generating Seller Leads (Core Marketing Channels) (10:31)
Direct Mail Breakdown (13:02)
Bandit Sign Breakdown (7:39)
Driving For Dollars Breakdown (13:27)
FSBO And Zillow Offer Breakdown (9:47)
Craigslist And Virtual Bandit Sign Breakdown (9:21)
How To Pull High Equity Absentee And Owner Occupants On Listsource (11:57)
How To Pull The Empty Nester And Tax Default Lists From Rebogateway (8:33)
How To Pull My FAVORITE “Secret List” In Any City (3:33)
The BEST Skiptracing Service That You Should Be Using (3:16)
How To Create An Optimized Real Estate Website In Minutes (1:03)
The Phone Number Systems You Should Be Using (2:52)
Bonus List Providers That You Can Use (2:13)
Marketing Game Plan For Different Budgets (11:37)

Section 3 – Processing Your Seller Leads

The Best CRM For Your Real Estate Business! (17:56)
Coupon Codes For InvestorAutomation Podio & (2:17)
How To Process The Leads & What Questions To Ask (11:20)
How To Build Rapport (10:02)
How To Set Appointments (Phone vs In-Person) (8:11)
Meaning of ARV & MAO (1:02)
How To Find Out What A Property Is Worth Quickly & Effectively (Breaking Down The Numbers) (23:54)
How To Use The Quick Offer Formula & Estimate Repairs (3:53)

Section 4 – Closing The Seller

Our Secret Seller Script (11:59)
Our Highly Effective Seller Presentation (8:22)
How To CRUSH Objections From Sellers! (2:38)
Ninja Negotiation Tactics (10:15)
How To Sign A Contract With The Seller (18:45)
How To Take Pictures Of The Property (2:44)
How To Make It Easy For Your Buyer To Make A Decision (2:41)

Section 5 – Getting Your Check

How To Find A Quality Title Company- Closing Attorney (3:21)
The 3 Methods To Get Paid On A Wholesale Deal (7:22)
How To Build A Massive Buyers List (7:16)
How To Utilize A Massive Buyers List To Make More Money Per Deal (1:57)
Why Real Estate Groups And Meet Ups Are Important! (2:32)
How To Get The Highest Price From Your Buyers (5:49)
How To Sign The Contract With Your Buyer (5:38)
How To Close Your Deal And Get Paid $10k+ (4:56)
How To Celebrate Your Check Like A Champ (6:49)
My Current Team Structure To Do Six Figures A Month (4:49)

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