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[Special Offer] Chris Rocheleau & Irina Yerokhova – Code of Conversions

Chris Rocheleau & Irina Yerokhova – Code of Conversions | 15.1 GB

It took years for me to ‘hack’ and develop ‘social media copywriting’ as I now know it today.

Every other “Copywriting” is based on ‘traditional direct response’ schools of thought that originated from a ‘Long Salesletter’ that you found in your mailbox…
…yet why does everyone try ‘fit a square peg into a round hole’ by applying that same method on social media when it’s fundamentally different?
After spending over 2 million in Facebook ads over the last few years I have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that our new methodology works better than any ‘traditional direct response’ techniques or gimmicks…
…in fact those ‘old, tried and true’ methods are failing at an even faster rate than ever before. Sure some of the ‘concepts’ still apply…
However even those concepts are “Translated Differently” than they were before.
New Platforms, New Rules. Facebook and Instagram are here to stay.
Once you go through the first lesson “The Social Rules of Engagement” you’ll see the glaring difference between the ‘old and the new’…

Module 1: The ‘Social Rules of Engagement’ – $299 Value
Module 2: Audience Engagement Formulas – $999 Value
Module 3: Proven Ad Formulas and Templates – $999 Value
Module 4: The E.P.I.C. Story Formula – $899 Value
Module 5: Video Formulas and Ad Templates – $999 Value
Module 6: Ad Optimization & Funnel Optimization – $999 Value
Module 7: Safely Scaling With Margins – $699 Value
Bonus #1: Retargeting Schemes Webinar – $699 Value
Bonus #2: “Code of Conversions” Facebook Group- $297 Value
Bonus #3: Recorded Q&A Webinars for each Module- $995 Value
Bonus #4: Empathy Map Session with Irina – $299 Value
Bonus #5: Completion Guarantee 1 Hour Ad Review – $800 Value


Class Curriculum

Welcome to “Facebook Code of Conversions”

BONUS: Facebook Group Access Instructions

Pre-Course Webclass (IMPORTANT – Must watch before taking course)

Module 1: The ‘Social Rules of Engagement’

Welcome to “Facebook Code of Conversions”

Lesson 1: The Social Rules of Engagement (Part 1)

Lesson 2: The Social Rules of Engagement (Part 2)

BONUS: Module 1 Deep Dive Webinar

Module 2: Audience Engagement Formulas

Lesson 1: How to use “UPSYD”

Lesson 2: 7 Crucial Headline Elements

Lesson 3: Unaware Headline Formulas

Lesson 4: Problem Aware Headline Formulas

Lesson 5: Solution Aware Headline Formulas

Lesson 6: Product & Deal Aware Headline Formulas

BONUS: Module 2 Deep Dive Webinar

Module 3: Proven Ad Formulas & Templates

Lesson 1: The “NNS 105%” Framework For Facebook Ads

Lesson 2: How to ‘Reverse – Engineer’ an Offer

Lesson 3: How We Use the “Offer Analysis”

Lesson 4: The “Ideal Customer Formula”

Lesson 5: Ideal Customer Formula Walkthrough

Lesson 6: The ‘EPIC’ Ad Formula

Lesson 7: The ‘Better Way’ – Webinar Invite – Solution Aware

Lesson 8: ‘The Rainmaker’ – Lead Magnet – Solution Aware

Lesson 9: Solution Aware Direct to Cart Template

BONUS: Module 3 Deep Dive Webinar

Module 4: The EPIC Long Copy Story Ad Formula

Lesson 1: The ‘Epic’ Story Formula

Lesson 2: Engage – Setting the Stage

Lesson 3: Present – Presenting the Struggle & the Challenges

Lesson 4: Illustrate – Showing the “Journey of Discovery”

Lesson 5: Convert – Revealing the Code & Your Call to Action

Lesson 6: Template – Long Copy Story Ad – “Credible Witness”

BONUS: Empathy Map Session with Irina & Keith

BONUS: Module 4 Deep Dive Webinar

Module 5: Video Ad Formulas & Templates

Lesson 1: Video Ad Guidelines

Lesson 2: What You Need to Know Video Ad Template

Lesson 3: “Absolute Proof” Direct to Sales Page Video Template

Lesson 4: “The Cart Filler” Video Ad Template

Lesson 5: Anyone Can Do This Video Ad Template

BONUS: Module 5 Deep Dive Webinar

Module 6: Ad & Funnel Optimization

Lesson 1: The NNS Complete Ad Creation Process

Lesson 2: The Code for Properly Reading Your Metrics

Lesson 3: Troubleshooting – CTR (All) Low – CTR (Link) Low

Lesson 4: Troubleshooting – CTR (All) High – CTR (Link) Low

Lesson 5: Troubleshooting – CTR Ratio is Good but Low Conversion Rate on Landing Page

BONUS: Module 6 Deep Dive Webinar

BONUS: Retargeting Schemes Webinar

Module 7: Safely Scaling With Margins

Lesson 1: Intro to Scaling

Lesson 2: Scaling Checklist

Lesson 3: 5 Signals for Scaling

Lesson 4: SPS Phase 1 “Sandbox”

Lesson 5: SPS Phase 2 “Playground”

Lesson 6: SPS Phase 3 “Stadium”

BONUS: Scaling Deep Dive Webinar


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