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SQL Interview Questions For Three Years Experience

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SQL Interview Questions For Three Years Experience


In this course we will give a quick introduction to Microsoft SQL server. We will discuss about Data, Database and finally Data base management system. Then will start by discussing about SQL.

After we describe about SQL, We will go in the details of DQL SQL statements. DQL is Data Query Language SQL statements , which we use to retrieve data for a data base management system or DBMS.

Then will discuss abut DDL statements , and will create a new table alter table structure by adding more columns then remove columns  from a tables.

We will discuss about How to retrieve entire data from SQL server table, Select relevant columns from a table , then restrict row based on our requirement. We will discuss about Select statements with where clause and ( will see how to use = , > ,>=,<,<= , in , or and between)

Who this course is for:

  • This for every students who wants to learn SQL
  • For those who wants to start a carrier in Data base management system
  • We are more focusing towards developer role rather than admin


  • As the course is designed for everyone, No prior technical experience is required.
  • You need a computer or a laptop plus a internet connection.
  • You need to install MS SQL Server (Only if you want to execute this SQL statements)

Last updated 3/2019


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