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Start an Online T-Shirt Business In 3 Easy Steps-Teespring

Launch a successful home based business with Teespring

4.2 (240 ratings)

6,979 students enrolled
Created by Frici Barabas
Last updated 3/2018

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What Will I Learn?
  • Find hot niches to sell T-shirts to
  • Research T-shirt designs that sell

  • Create/Buy trending T-shirt designs

  • Set up campaigns with Teespring and other platforms
  • Set up Facebook ad campaigns
  • Create effective nice looking ad images for FB ads
  • Laptop/PC
  • Internet connection
  • Beginner knowledge of PC


Do you like T-shirts? Yes! Would you like to make money selling T-shirts online? If yes, read on and pay attention!

Online custom T-shirt selling industry makes $262 million revenue and grows by 21.2% every year, in the USA only!

Do you want a piece of the pie?

In this course I’m going to show you how to design and sell T-shirts from home!

Starting an Online T-shirt Business, it’s easier than ever. People are making money part-time and full-time by selling T-shirts and custom apparel online.

Moreover, you DO NOT need inventory and DO NOT need a companyon paper to start off.

Plus, you can do it from wherever, all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

How? You ask…

Well, with the help of crowdsourcing T-shirt platforms such as Teechip, Teespring, Moteefe, Vesteer and Jack of all Threads.

I am not here to tell you are going to make a fortune really fast. Everybody who says that is a liar, with capital L.

There are people who make thousands of dollars monthly or even weekly with these platforms, you can research them online. But, I am sure that these people won’t tell you that you can make money without putting in the effort.

If you are willing to put in the energy you can start your own T-shirt business in a few days with little effort. 2016 is the year to sell T-shirts worldwide.

I designed this course for ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS who have never heard, or have never tried selling custom apparel online.

No experience, No problem!

This course is also recommended for:

– digital nomads, freelancers, online entrepreneurs, online marketers, travellers who want to make money on the go

What you will learn:

1. How to select a profitable niche

2. How to create cool T-shirt designs that sell

3. How to advertise T-shirts on Facebook

4. Proven 3-step system

5. Facebook targeting secrets

For more information take a look at the curriculum.


If you think that by simply enrolling in this course will make you money PLEASE DO NOT ENROLL. You need to put in the effort and apply what you learn in this course!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is suited for newbies who want to start an Online T-shirt Business on drop-shipping platforms such as Teespring, Moteefe, Teechip etc.
  • This course is also fitted for people who want a part-time side gig
  • Anyone who wants to sell T-shirt with Teespring Marketing



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