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STRUMMING SIMPLIFIED 51 Guitar Rhythms For All Styles!


Learn 51 awesome Strumming patterns and Finger-picking patterns, in ALL styles of music! Pop, Rock, Blues, Country, Indie, Metal, Funk…

STRUMMING SIMPLIFIED demonstrates, in detail, how to play each Rhythm using a different musical example.  Includes over 4 hours of video lessons, charts, tablature, drum beats to download, and more!

The Benefits:

  • Improve all aspects of your rhythm playing on Acoustic and Electric guitar
  • Play more interesting and complicated rhythms
  • Learn your favorite songs much more easily
  • Create awesome original music with the all new rhythms you’ve learned
  • Sing and play guitar at the same time much more easily
  • Learn to keep a more consistent tempo
  • Have a better feel in your rhythms
  • Play faster and more easily without fatigue

Who this course is for:

  • Any guitarist who wants to improve their rhythm playing
  • Guitarists who want to be able to learn popular songs more easily, create more interesting music, or sing and play guitar at the same time
  • Guitarists who want to get better at playing different styles of music


  • You only need to know a couple basic chords to get started!
  • Just love playing your guitar 🙂

Last updated 7/2019


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