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Tej Dosa – 6 Figure Promotions

Welcome to 6 Figure Promotions

How To Write High Converting Copy – Even If You’ve Never Written A Word Of Copy Before…

Plus get the exact emails you can copy/paste to get clients to pay you for your copywriting services free


How 6 Figure Promotions will transform you


Before 6FP

  • No high ROI skills
  • Making baby money
  • Low converting copy
  • Don’t know how to get clients
  • Struggling to convert cold traffic


After 6FP

  • Possess the #1 skill: direct-response copywriting
  • Know how to write copy that sells just about anything (at scale)
  • Write high converting copy that pulls in BIG $$$s (for yourself or clients!)
  • Convert cold traffic with ease (by executing like a 8-figure marketer)
  • Crack the code to getting clients to pay you for your copywriting services



Here’s A Quick Summary Of What You Get:

6 Figure Promotions

  • Discover the battle tested “Copy-Conception” system that a 8-figure marketer programmed into my brain (this is the easiest and fastest way to write copy that actually converts!)
  • Learn how to use Copy Conception to sell anything at scale (forget everything you know about copywriting and follow this step-by-step system and you’ll make money hand over fist)
  • Follow along and create your own high converting promotion from scratch
  • Watch me build a LIVE 6-figure promotion
  • Bonus #1: 2 six figure promotions I wrote
  • Bonus #2: 100 quick hacks to make your copy convert
  • Bonus #3: 6 Figure Promotions Cheat Sheet
  • Plus get Client Conversion Secrets for FREE and steal my scripts, templates, and campaigns to get your first copywriting client (everything is done for you! Simply copy/paste & you’ll get clients)


6 Figure Promotions is a direct-response course that reveals the 3-step “Copy-Conception” system (the one I “ethically” stole from a 8-figure marketer and personally use myself) for “inventing” 6-7 figure copywriting promotions from scratch.

It takes you by the hand and teaches you the exact structure that goes into writing winning promotions, plus a lot more including:

  • How to get inside your targets head quickly and easily (so you can figure out exactly what he or she will spend BIG money on!)
  • The #1 mistake 99% of copywriters make (and the easy fix that can DOUBLE your conversion rate!)
  • How to sell product to a saturated market (follow this step-by-step if you want to generate a BIG win!)
  • The 7 elements of a 6 figure promotion (and the step-by-step process you can follow to create each one!)
  • How to make $1m in 2020 (put your copywriting to use and make this happen in the next 12 months!)
  • How to write irresistible leads and headlines (no more guessing or contemplating — just follow the system and you’re virtually guaranteed to “write” a winning promotion!)
  • … and so MUCH more, including a breakdown of the “Copy-Conception” system and exactly how you can apply it to dropshipping, affiliate marketing, personal branding, or whatever business model you’re in!



Now, 6 Figure Promotions Isn’t Your Ordinary Course. In Fact, There Are Five Reasons Why Copywriters Love 6 Figure Promotions (And View It In A League Of Its Own).


1. It blows the lid and gets raw, dirty and personal!

Because you know what most copywriters don’t like?

When people sell you information, but never prove to you that they actually use the information themselves.

The copy-conception system revealed inside 6 Figure Promotions?

I use it daily to sell products and services for clients and myself (my entire direct response marketing career is built on it).

And inside the course, I prove it to you.

Because not only do I walk you through step-by-step the exact system I follow to move a ton of product, but I also share the exact copy I wrote for 2 different direct response promotions:

(1) A supplement

(2) A pitch selling my copywriting services (when I first got into the game)

And copywriters are loving it because I dissect these step-by-step and show exactly how you can apply this secret system to write winning promotions of your own.


2. It’s not a course full with fluff or surface level insights.

It’s a 30,000+ word course that gives you the SECRET sauce!

Every detail…

Every insight…

Every strategy…

You need to write winning promotions, is revealed in FULL!

I have nothing to upsell you on the backend — all you need is revealed inside 6 Figure Promotions.


3. It literally is step-by-step.

Most courses say they’re step-by-step.

But leave all the “hard-work” to the consumer.

Not 6 Figure Promotions.

It exposes everything you need, plus shows you exactly how to do it.

Nothing is left out.

Writing a high-converting promotion REALLY is as simple as following the 3 steps.


4. It provides you with the marketing education of a lifetime.

The Copy-Conception system isn’t just being used to write high-converting promotions…

Truth is, it’s applicability goes way further than just copywriting.

From deciding what products to sell…

To figuring out how to launch a popular personal brand…

And more, you’ll be able to apply the Copy-Conception System to breakthrough the noise, and profit — it’s the ONLY marketing framework you’ll ever need! (I personally used it to build a personal brand with over 7000+ Twitter Followers in just six short months!)


5. It’s not theory or what “should” work — it’s what ACTUALLY works.

It’s a process that’s been tested for the last 4 years.

Daily. Weekly. Monthly. Yearly.

So you’re not getting what *SHOULD* work, but what’s actually working, right here, right now…

And best of all?


And will work as long as people are still buying products and services to fulfill their needs and wants.

So to prove all THIS to you and more…



You Will Instantly Receive 6 Figure Promotions And 3 Big Bonuses


That’s right.

I’m not just going to reveal the Copy-Conception system and let you fend for yourself.

No, I want you to FINALLY crack the code to writing winning promotions.

That’s why I’m also giving you access to 3 BIG bonuses…


Bonus #1: Step-By-Step Analysis of 2 High Converting Promotions I Wrote

When I say I use the Copy-Conception system daily, I mean it.

In fact, I’ve used it to sell just about anything and everything online, at scale.

To prove it to you, I’ll be revealing 2 high converting promotions I wrote.

The first is a pitch selling my copywriting services…

The second is a long-form promotion selling a supplement…

As you go through these detailed examples and step-by-step analysis, you’ll see exactly how I apply the Copy-Conception system to generate BIG bucks…

… and how you can replicate my exact system YOURSELF!

Yet that’s just the beginning because I’m also going to invent a new promotion from scratch inside the course and show you exactly how it’s done (step-by-step).

Yes, you read that right.

Not only am I revealing 2 promotions inside the course…

But I’m also building a NEW one step-by-step inside the course from SCRATCH.

So all you have to do is simply follow along, do what I do, and you too can crack the code to writing winning promotions.

Does it get any easier than that?

I don’t think so.


Bonus #2: 100 Quick Hacks To Make Your Copy Convert (Crash Course)

Copywriting is one of the most profitable skills.

The problem?

Most people spend months studying it, but don’t get anywhere.

That’s why I’m including this CRASH COURSE.

It reveals 100 quick hacks that’ll make your copy sing and your virtual cash register ring.


Bonus #3: Cheat Sheet – How To Invent High Converting Promotions With One Eye Closed

Finally! I’m going to give you the exact cheat sheet I personally use to craft winning promotions.

Simply fill this out BEFORE you write a SINGLE word of copy for your next ad, sales page, email, and watch how much of a BOOST it generates conversion wise.

These 3 bonuses would cost you hundreds of dollars alone…

But you get them for FREE when you get inside 6 Figure Promotions!



Tej Dosa - 6 Figure Promotions

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