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The Art Behind The Headshot

The Art Behind The Headshot

Fstoppers: Peter Hurley – The Art Behind The Headshot | 3.86 GB
English | 4h 08m | AVC1 1920×1080 23.976 fps | AAC 192 Kbps 48.0 KHz
Genre: eLearning / Photography

Peter Hurley: The Art Behind The Headshot is finally available. Peter Hurley, one of the most successful and well known headshot photographers of all time has teamed up with Fstoppers to produce a 4 hour tutorial exposing all of his tips and tricks that he has learned over the past 8 years as a professional photographer. This video touches on all aspects of running a successful photography business but Peters main goal is to teach the average person about the subtleties of the human face so that you can make any human in front of your camera look interesting.

Peter Hurley spent the early part of his life traveling the world as a professional male model. During that time Peter was photographed by some of the top fashion photographers in the world. As a model Peter was forced to understand the subtle movements of his own face but he was also able to learn the technical side of photography from some of the best in the world. Peter moved to New York city and saw a nitch in the market that he thought he could fill. I thought that if I could shoot actors headshots like commercial photographers shot celebrities I could be successful. Over the past 8 years Peter has become what many argue is the top headshot photographer in the world.

In this 4 hour tutorial Peter reveals everything that he uses to produce not just technically sound but interesting images day in and day out. Although this video does touch on a number of topics, this tutorials main focus is on coaching those in front of your camera into producing the best possible images. We have also decided to bring this tutorial to you as a digital download so you can enjoy Peters lessons in 720 HD resolution without having to have a Bluray player! This video is suggested for those who are already professional photographers who want to take their portraits to the next level.

– How To Make Anyone Look Their Best
– Starting Your Business From Scratch
– Natural Light vs Studio Light
– The Peter Hurley Signature Look
– Shadowed Lighting For Men
– Alternative Studio Lighting (Strobes)
– Tethering
– Camera Gear
– Understanding The Human Face (Mouth, Eyes, Eyebrows, and Body Position)
– Coaching and Facial Expression
– Creating Different Looks During Each Session
– Marketing
– Retouching/Printing
– Makeup/Hair
– Clothing
– Pricing




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Fstoppers: Peter Hurley – The Art Behind The Headshot | 3.86 GB


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