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The Shape of Engagement: The Art of Building Enduring Connections with Your Customers, Employees and Communities by Scott Gould
Do you know how to successfully engage with your customers, employees and communities?  The answer is probably no. While engagement is one of the biggest buzz words around, and one of the most needed things in our fast changing world, most executives and managers shrug their shoulders in bewilderment as to what it actually is, and how it actually works.

But no more.

In this short but incisive book, expert consultant and speaker Scott Gould demystifies and breaks down engagement into seven profoundly simple shapes that explain the mysteries behind what makes people form enduring connections with ideas, brands, organisations, and each other.

Eight years in the making, and drawing on almost two decades of experience, Scott will reveal to you:
What makes engaging companies outperform their unengaging counterparts by 29.9% increase in stock price year on year
What’s getting in the way of your engagement succeeding, and why trying to “get” people to engage doesn’t work
Why a click is NOT engagement, and what the difference is between participation, connection, and interaction
What the three types of engagement are, and how to tell if they are at work in your organisation
What the six psychological steps of engagement are, and what strategies to use at each stage
What truly motivates people to engage
How to operationalise engagement within an enterprise
Using the experience and insight garnered from working in a broad range of industries as diverse as media and entertainment, aviation, education, local councils, advertising agencies, tourism, national government, digital marketing, youth work, and even from being a church minister, Scott will show you how to put the shapes of engagement into practice, so that you never again scratch your head wondering what to do to engage.

This book is a must-read for anyone working in customer engagement, brand engagement, employee engagement, community engagement, and enterprise engagement.

Get to ready to learn, once and for all, the shape of engagement.

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