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Trello Mastery: Learn the Secret Art of Kanban Organization

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طلب كورس

Trello Mastery: Learn the Secret Art of Kanban Organization

Level Up from Beginner User all the way to Advanced Master with Trello
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4,226 students enrolled
Created by Jordan Ring
Last updated 6/2018
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What Will I Learn?
  • Your digital world will go from disorganized chaos, to easy to manage bliss
  • Use Trello for all of your project management needs

  • Become a master at organization through the use of boards, lists, and cards

  • Watch your productivity levels soar as you learn how to manage multiple boards with ease
  • Learn the secret shortcuts and hidden uses of Trello
  • How to access a super cool Trello Bonus
  • Do you need to buy Trello? Nope! I’ll show you the benefits of staying free vs. going gold
  • Discover uses not-yet-thought-of for Trello as you watch the multiple ways I personally use it
  • You will never use a normal to do list ever again
  • A life transformed because you know exactly how to access important digital items in the snap of your fingers

  • A Free Trello Account and a PC, Mac, or Chromebook

Trello is the project management to you need to start using now. By using a method of organization called “Kanban” it will guide your project from start to finish with ease.

I use Trello to track just about every aspect of my life both professionally and personally, and I can attest to its usefulness. In fact, I’ve seen so many benefits I’ve created this course just for you.

Trello is boss for:

  • Project management from start to finish for a multitude of different project types
  • Easy to access shared shopping lists
  • Personalized project template creation
  • Collaboration with business team members

After taking this course you will be a master at using Trello in all the above ways, and more. You can show off your skills in front of your coworkers, use it to brainstorm for that book you’ve always wanted to write, or even plan a wedding for yourself or a lucky couple.

Trello is limited only by your own creativity. I will show you how I use it, and all the while you will learn how to create your own useful Trello boards.

In the four sections of this course I’ll show you:

  1. What you can use Trello for (Hint: It’s way more than you think!)
  2. How to use the basics building blocks of Trello (boards, lists, and cards) to become Mr (or Mrs.) productive
  3. Example videos of how I use Trello in both my business and professional life
  4. Advanced Trello tips, tricks, and hacks to become a true Trello Master.

At the end you will not only be a master at Trello, but you’ll find you are more productive, have more energy for important tasks, and your life will feel so much less cluttered.

Mastering Trello will not only organize your digital world, but the real you will turn into a superhuman ready to take on any new project.

Enroll now and congratulations, your life just got that much easier.

Who is the target audience?
  • The beginner that wants a step by step guide to becoming effective with Trello


Trello Mastery Learn the Secret Art of Kanban   (download)
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