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Ever tried to do penetration testing on a website ?

There are two most essential things you will need while doing pentesting or searching vulnerabilities in a website

  • Your Creative Mind
  • Best Recon Skills

The information Gathering(Reconnaissance) is the most important part of Pentesting. Know your host before you plan a attack that’s what information gathering is all about.

Extracting relevant information can play a game changing role in many situations. Extracting this information is pretty simple and somewhat easy. Sometimes recon can go beyond collecting basic information to understand the system and can also identify information which might straight away lead to exploitation, sometimes without actually touching the entity being tested.

Even after having such significance this phase is not given enough importance and most of the tests focus straight away on exploitation. The key point here is that exploitation is certainly important but performing a thorough recon could prove very helpful in it and also make it easier, faster and stealthier.

You are going to learn both Active and Passive information gathering.

Do you know most the successful pentester have very good recon skills.

They never stick that same domain give to them by their recon skills they gather info and pentest their whole enviornment.

In this course will learn that how we to gather all the hidden information about the host before looking for the bugs because as much as you know you host ,your % of finding valid bugs will be increased.

So lets learn the recon skills and find bugs faster before the other researchers do

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone Who want to learn the Art of Reconnaissance


  • Just A Computer with any Linux Distribution


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