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The Psychology of Trading

Use the power of psychology and behavioral economics to survive and thrive in the world of trading.
Image result for The Psychology of Trading Use the power of psychology and behavioral economics to survive and thrive in the world of trading.
What Will I Learn?
  • use trading psychology to become a more disciplined and successful trader
  • Basic knowledge of trading and investing in financial markets

If you have ever wanted to have an edge in trading, one that gives you knowledge, skills, and tools that most others lack, then this book is for you.

Because in order to be successful at trading in the financial markets, you need more than just knowledge of chart reading, technical indicators, and other mechanical aspects of trading.

You need to understand how psychology can make or break you in the world of financial markets. It’s not just money being transacted in the markets; it’s also your emotions which can be as volatile as the stocks you are trading.

In this course on trading psychology you will learn

  • Learn the importance of controlling your emotions when making trading decision
  • Learn how to master self discipline and stick to a trading plan
  • Learn how to learn from mistakes so you do not repeat them
  • Learn how to refine your skills through simulated paper trading without risking money
  • Learn how to use spreadsheets and journals for tracking trades
  • Learn how to have a confident mindset while maintaining a flexible and open mind when trading
  • Learn how to avoid getting too attached to our ideas (marrying positions)

In addition, this book delves into ideas from the realm of psychology and behavioral economics and demonstrates how they apply to trading :

  • The sunk cost fallacy and how it can keep traders stuck in losing trades
  • The hindsight bias and how it can lead traders to believe “they knew it all along”
  • The confirmation bias and how it causes many traders to seek out only the information that reinforces their own ideas
  • The bandwagon effect and how it can lead traders to embrace a herd mentality that often results in losing trades
  • Analysis paralysis and how traders fall victim to the mistaken idea that more and more analysis leads to better financial outcomes

This and much more is can be found  in The Psychology of Trading….

Who is the target audience?
  • The course is for traders and investors who want to have an edge in the financial markets




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