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User Testing

Everything you need to know about user testing your products.
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Last updated 6/2017
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User Testing

What Will I Learn?
  • What user testing is and isn’t, and why you need to do it•tHow to decide who you need to test, how many and how to recruit the participants •tHow to create a user testing scenario and specific tasks that will give you the data you need •tTools for conducting in-person and remote tests •tHow to use to run user tests •tHow to analyze and present your testing data
  • Why you need to do user testing
  • What to test
  • Who to test
  • How many participants to use
  • How to create a user testing scenario
  • The difference between testing scenarios and tasks
  • How to develop effective task instructions
  • Different types of testing
  • How to write a test plan
  • How to write a test protocol
  • How recruiting of participants happens
  • When and why to run a pilot test
  • What measurements to use
  • How to collect, analyze, interpret and report on data
  • How to use
  • You should have some knowledge and experience with the design of a website, app, software, or other product that you want to do user testing on.


Are you launching a new website, software or app? Or maybe you have an existing product that is underperforming. Whether your target audience is complaining about your product, or just aren’t using it, user testing can help you get answers and solutions. Or maybe you have competing designs that the team can’t agree on, or you want to analyze your competitors. User testing helps you do all this and more. Even if you think you’ve designed it “just right”, you can’t afford to create a website, software product or app that hasn’t been tested by your actual audience. Don’t guess! Test! This course will teach you how to do quick, cost-effective user testing on early prototypes through to finished products.

Some examples of what’s in the course:

  1. How user testing differs from focus groups, quality assurance testing, and demos
  2. The different types of user tests and when to use which
  3. How to do quick and effective user tests
  4. Different tools for user testing
  5. How to decide what to test
  6. How to decide who to test
  7. How to recruit participants
  8. How to set up and conduct a user test
  9. When and how to do unmoderated and/or remote testing
  10. How to analyze, interpret, and report on your test results
  11. Quizzes throughout the course to test your knowledge
  12. Exercises throughout the course to practice what you are learning

and much, much more!

About This Course:

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Who is the target audience?
  • Designers, product managers, usability staff, user experience staff


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