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Hi-Fi Sound : 13mm driver delivers crystal clear and stereo Sound, the unique diagram rewards the listener with more clarity on treble, more depth of bass and accurate delivery of the acoustic essence of any music genre. (Tips- If your are fans of Rock music and combat sport like Boxing and MMA, you gonna love Pogo Bluetooth headphones).

Bluetooth 4.1: Wireless Bluetooth CSR8635 solution (Qualcomm CVC and Kalimba DSP) give you stable Bluetooth connection and high quality of phone conversation, meanwhile allow you to connect with 2 phones, switching different music and phone calls anytime.

Adjustable Earhooks & Rugged Cable : Adjust earhooks fully according to your ear size, perfect fit and the earbuds always stay with your ears during high-intensity training.

Comfortable Fit : Ergonomic Design and Sweat-resistance bring you comfort when you wear earphone for very long.

Incredible Playtime: Pogo Bluetooth earphones provides an impressive 8-hour playtime at 60% of total volume output on a single charge.

Pogo earphone 30% off code: J2R4SN2B

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