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VMware NSX For VSphere 6.4

VMware NSX For VSphere 6.4

VMware NSX For VSphere 6.4 + Upgrade Bundle + Client

| File size: 5 G

NSX for vSphere 6.4.0
File size: 2.50 GB
File type: ova
Name: VMware-NSX-Manager-6.4.0-7564187.ova
Release Date: 2018-01-16
Build Number: 7564187
This is the NSX Manager Appliance in Open Virtualization Appliance Format (OVA). The NSX Manager appliance packages various NSX components such as NSX Management application, Edge, Controller and Endpoint appliances and firewall, VXLan, VDR modules. Download the NSX Manager on a computer and use vSphere Client or vSphere Web Client to deploy.
MD5SUM: ec4587779c671badfa66b737211e2d2a
SHA1SUM: d40b350c0c24cc90038b3ba20b9dc6c4270ee148
SHA256SUM: e3597e6fe5a16f747f3765552c31dec524f2f14f4db4815705bd8aba21d60016

NSX for vSphere 6.4.0 Upgrade Bundle
File size: 2.41 GB
File type: tar.gz
Name: VMware-NSX-Manager-upgrade-bundle-6.4.0-7564187.tar.gz
Release Date: 2018-01-16
Build Number: 7564187
Use this file to upgrade the existing installations of NSX-vSphere 6.x releases to the NSX-vSphere 6.4.0 version.
MD5SUM: 2d774a10740845eae96aa0247fa1029a
SHA1SUM: af716f74a59aa2edafa49dd958f69ee27d543a15
SHA256SUM: 348d87568c477e87bde0f53e6ebfec5d315a7abba749fff3f761d43f601df861

Standalone Edge – Client
File size: 146.76 MB
File type: tar.gz
Name: nsx-l2vpn-client-ovf-7552809.tar.gz
Release Date: 2018-01-16
Build Number: 7552806
MD5SUM: 68c24428dcdd1972315dcb9e488f68a2
SHA1SUM: fff78e5c79637ab1b23597eee7ee52a2cc6cefc9
SHA256SUM: a319a3ec2e2c9975b5938b19229c9e4707c52bc756c25e3cc0c9ac7cede06560

VMware NSX For VSphere 6.4 + License Download Link

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