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The audience of this book should be people who want to learn swiftly, but deep skills necessary to build something through the WEB. First language to learn is HTML5, to make a site (or application) and make it available to the world.
Main elements of HTML are tags, which is allowed to indicate to browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox ..) what we want to do and how do it.
All tags are discussed, providing more details for common elements of a webpage and for each of them, a detailed description of attributes is given, not taking anything for granted.
By its own, webpages are not beautiful. Hence, we must give a style using CSS3 to catch users’ attention and inspire them to navigate the website. For the case of each element, there is an explanation and graphical examples.
Finally, because HTML is stateless (is not able to save information permanently), we use PHP + MySQL. Principal statements to code (if, else, for) and main SQL commands (insert into, update, select) are introduced to save data and retrieve them when necessary from a DB (database).
In this way, with one text you can obtain programming fundamentals, get acquainted with new skills and have all commands in hand with graphical examples.

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