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Welcome to the web hacker’s cookbook for building modern javascript applications using the Webpack module loader and asset bundler.I aim to make this Beyond the Basics course accessible to all skill levels.  It’s geared towards people who’ve seen the basics and messed around a bit, but still don’t feel they understand Webpack. Each episode is written and rehearsed beforehand. They’re edited so as to make best use of your time. There’s not a wasted moment in any of these lessons.With project centered content building real-world Webpack apps that you and your company can use from the very first line of code.  First we look at the optimal Webpack development setup . Follow and code along as we build a Markdown blog, like Ghost, with Hot Module Reloading, Babel, and debugging in Node.

We then move into how Webpack optimizes your production bundles, as we solidify the boilerplate into a portfolio website. Complete with a gallery and search feature, useful for any project, we cover everything from Caching to CDNs to HTTP2, GZip, Brotili compression, tree-shaking and Progressive web apps.

We then get way into the weeds in our deep dives.  Exploring Webpack Loaders and Plugins before creating our own from scratch.

The final project is a doozy. We expand the portfolio site to a multi-domain node rewrite of Wordpress MU, Tumblr or SquareSpace. We dig into the latest Webpack 3 & 4 features, including Server-side Rendering, dynamic imports with “magic comments” and we finish with Universal React components and CSS Chunks in Parallel.  You will definitely want to get to the end of this course.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants visual, code-driven guidance through more than the usual webpack setup.
  • Anyone who wants to see working examples of real-world webpack weirdness and edge-cases not covered in other courses.
  • Anyone who wants to know way more than their co-worker about modern javascript development.


  • You should have some initial training or experience working with code and installing programs.
  • You should have a desire to move quickly and dive deeply into the why and how of these libraries
  • You should know what the command line is and have a code editor and be prepared to follow along.


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Webpack 4: Beyond the  |  Mirror  [Size: 1.5 GB]

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