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Learn what is SAP HANA, how it is different from a traditional database, its architecture,speed and use cases.

Created by Junaid Ahmed
Last updated 1/2016
What Will I Learn?
  • Participants will be able to differentiate SAP HANA from a classical DB approach
  • Understand and explain its architecture, speed, persistence options
  • Understand the different use cases and identify its applications
  • Understand some basic fundamentals like a report and modeling artifacts
  • Any prior knowledge on Databases, reporting and in general IT is good to have but not necessary.

SAP HANA is a game changing and best selling product in the history of SAP. Helping companies solve data,reporting,latency challenges and unleash their potential with a real time platform. Learn the core value proposition,differentiation, benefits, different uses cases and how you can use it in your environment.

Key Learnings:

  • Understand what is an In-Memory Database
  • Understand the differences from a traditional data base
  • Understand the Architecture
  • Understand the capabilities through proof points
  • Understand persistence and recovery
  • Understand the setup
  • Get introduced to the SAP HANA Studio

Engaging Teaching:

  1. Expressive and immersive teaching with demonstrations and tools
  2. Small, purposeful videos, packed with information, designed specifically for a virtual self paced audience.
  3. Exercises, Tailored reading material and quizzes.
Who is the target audience?
  • This course is at a beginner level, absolutely anybody can take this course.

Size: 365.33M


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