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Love the FTN Theme, so nostalgic… It’s a shame this Site is not as good as FTN was (miss that place) but I’ve been on WOP a while now and it definitely has potential.

Considering I hold accounts on: ABT, Apollo, Bibliotik, BIT-HDTV, BitMe, BitMeTV, FSC, GGn,, IPT, MTV, Redacted, PAT, SCC, SportsCult, Superbits, THC, ThePlace, TT, Waffles & Others (many for over a decade) I’m not in desperate need to regularly use WOP but the Staff do seem to be moving in the right direction and it does have some really mice features they have developed which I haven’t seen elsewhere.

Would it be nice if there were more snatches and more torrents? Of course it would but I can say that about a lot of ‘Elite’ Trackers I’m a member of too, especially the more snatches part. Just long-term Seed your stuff, that is the way on most good Trackers these days as even with a Seedbox many users have fast home connections these days and many good trackers don’t allow you to use Auto-DL IRSSI anymore either.

Personally, with Trackers being shut down left-right-and-centre these days I’m keeping WOP as a slow grower / long-term backup and just seeding a few torrents to slow build Ratio which is not difficult at all, Ratio well over 10 and already 100GB+ uploaded.

I would recommend you join if you want to provide yourself some coverage and especially if you are just getting into private torrenting, this will be a perfect site for you to be honest.

Many great/elite trackers gave people the chance to join easily years ago before permanently shutting their doors to become Invite-Only, I would join WOP now whilst it’s still easy.

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